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Since 2008.


Humanitarian Work


Japan Tsunami 2011

This picture depicts the aftermath of a magnitude 9.0 earthquake that hit Japan unleashing a major tsunami which waves also traveled across the Pacific, reaching Alaska, Hawaii and Chile.

As a rescue volunteer my main focus on this trip consisted of finding as many survivors possible that were trapped under the tons of demolished houses and buildings.


Haiti Earthquake 2010

Haiti suffered a massive earthquake right in the heart of the country's capital, this widely damaged the infrastructure of this Caribbean island. There was a great shortage in clean potable water at that point in time.

I gave a hand by assisting the doctors with patients as a hydration specialist.


Hurricane Katrina 2005

In 2005 my team traveled to New Orleans after one of the deadliest hurricanes to strike the US killed an estimated 1,836 people and millions homeless. We made sure to provide food, water and necessary survival supplies to as many people we could.


Local Volunteering

I am a proud and extremely happy to give back to the Vancouver community therefor I enjoy taking time off work to give back as much as I can.

For 8 years I've been a medical assistant for major and local marathons, I work on bike patrol with the Vancouver police in Stanley Park near the downtown area and also help the Burnaby RCMP out for big city events.


Community Emergency Response Team Certification

This certificate is to acknowledge that Timothy K. Choy has successfully completed training to be come a memeber of a Community Emergency Response Team.


Fire and Rescue Services Certificate of Completion

The city of Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services Certificate of Completion is awarded to Timothy Choy in recognition of completion of Fire and Extinguisher Training.


Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team

Certificate of completion is presented to Timothy Choy for successful completion of Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT) Training and Field Exercise.


Five-Year Acknowledgement As a Volunteer with the West End-Coal Harbour Community Policing Centre

This is to certify that Timothy Choy has completed five years as a volunteer with the West End-Coal Harbour Community Policing Centre.